Starting a BAND

Hello, internet! I’m excited to enter the blog-o-sphere. It’s not actually as round in here as people make it out to be. Much flatter. Almost dismayingly flat. But I suppose that the ‘sphere’ part is pretty catchy. It’s better than ‘blog-o-normal-dimensions,’ or a BOND. Although, people, let’s be honest. We are not aiming for a BOND. We are aiming for a BAND. A blog-above-normal-dimensions. That’s right. I want this thing to be so good that it proves string theory (string theory is only correct if there are 10 or 26 dimensions). So lets kick this BAND off in style, with some good old-fashioned mind blowing neuroscience quotes. Here are two:

“There are more connections between neurons in a cubic millimeter of brain tissues than there are stars in the milky way galaxy.” -David Eagleman

“There is no such thing as color in the physical universe.” -A neuroscience textbook I read in college

With those thoughts in mind, I’m going to head to bed. Goodnight!

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